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Portmore Dental

Calm & Gentle Dentistry Or Your Money Back - Guaranteed!

Providing Calm & Gentle Dentistry in Weybridge, Surrey for over 20 years. We offer state-of-the-art dentistry for the whole family in a relaxing, stress free environment. Our goal is to give you a healthy, beautiful smile that you can take pride in.

We listen to your goals and help you understand your treatment options. When you are sure of what you want, that is exactly what we set out to accomplish. We use advanced technology, innovative procedures and high quality materials to ensure that you love the result.

Here, at Portmore Dental, we provide a wide range of dental treatments to give you the smile that you deserve. Treatments such as straight teeth and invisible braces using products like Invisalign, Dental Implants to help you replace missing and lost teeth and Teeth Whitening to give you a whiter, brighter smile.

For some people just one treatment is not enough to provide the smile of their dreams, so we offer complete smile makeovers that combine a number of different treatments to achieve that perfect smile.

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"Kerry Katona with Dr Eben As She Gets Set For Big Brother"

Portmore dentist helping Kerry Katona

"Kerry loves her new smile!"

We are not just focussed on cosmetic dentistry at Portmore, we also provide dental treatment for the entire family, focussing on restorative treatments to help you keep your teeth for life.

We do appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with going to the dentist, which is why we focus on Stress Free Dentistry, calming our patients fears is of special concern. Each member of staff knows that patients can be anxious when they arrive, and that some patients experience more anxiety than others.

This is why we offer what is known as Sedation Dentistry, where the patients are fully sedated and relaxed and able to under go treatment without any fear.

You can count on us for all of your dental needs. You are welcome to come and visit us at Roadway House, 35 Monument Hill, Weybridge to learn more.

Call Us Today On 01932 855 011

Emergency Dentist in Weybridge, end tooth ache now

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Portmore Dental, Roadway House, 35 Monument Hill, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8RN
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Calm & Gentle Dentistry or Your Money Back - Guaranteed! In Weybridge, Surrey

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